4 Ways Tilt-In-Place Chairs Can Keep Older Users Healthy

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Most people are already familiar with reclining armchairs, but you might not have heard about tilt-in-space chairs. While regular recliners change a person's position within the seat, tilt-in-space chairs tilt the whole chair backward and forward while maintaining the angle of the knees, hips, and ankles. Essentially, the chair changes position rather than the user.

Tilt-in-space chairs can be particularly beneficial for elderly users. Here are just four reasons why they make ideal armchairs for seniors. 

1. Pressure Relief

In a normal sitting position, most of your weight goes through your upper legs and buttocks. This can be a problem for older people, especially when they spend a lot of time sitting since pressure sores and other pressure injuries can develop over time. Tilt-in-space chairs help prevent this since they shift body weight away from the upper legs and buttocks and distribute it more evenly. This helps prevent pressure-related injuries. It also helps users feel far more comfortable and ensures a healthy flow of blood around the body.

2. Reduced Fatigue

It might seem odd that sitting can be tiring, but this is often something older users struggle with. Though it's much easier than standing, keeping your body in an upright position while seated requires a fair amount of effort. As the body becomes fatigued, it's common for muscles to weaken. Users will then often end up sitting on their tailbones. Tilt-in-space chairs significantly reduce the amount of effort required to remain upright since users will be lying as much as they are sitting.

3. Improved Posture

Older people often struggle to maintain a healthy posture, and this can lead to further health issues. This often becomes a vicious cycle in which posture issues create other health issues that then further impact a person's posture. Regular armchairs can have a detrimental effect on posture since it's so easy to slump as gravity pulls you down. Being tilted backward prevents posture issues by keeping the spine straight and the head central.

4. Easier Standing and Sitting

Most tilt-in-space chairs can tilt their seats and backrests slightly forward as well as backward from a regular seating position. This can be ideal for older users since the chair can be moved forward to help them get up, and then stay in that position to make it easier to sit down. Once sat, the chair can be lowered back into a regular seating position, and then tilted fully backward. This reduces the effort required to use a chair and helps prevent any falls.

If you have questions about aged care chairs, contact a local provider.