Do You Need A Sit-To-Stand Chair? Four Ways That Recliner Lift Chairs Can Benefit You

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Recliner air lift chairs are an excellent option to help with mobility. These chairs allow you to relax and put your feet up while reading or watching television, and the best thing is that they employ air lift technology to gently elevate and move the chair forwards on an incline, making them the ideal sit-to-stand chair for most individuals. Here are four ways in which recliner lift chairs might help you.

1. Sit To Stand Chairs Can Give You Back A Bit Of Independence

If you have been struggling with mobility and have difficulty switching from a sitting to a standing position, then you are not alone. Ailments such as arthritis, spinal injures and age-related illness can make standing up more difficult. The use of sit-to-stand chairs can help you regain some independence and mobility if you've been reliant on others to assist you with getting in and out of your chair.

2. Sit To Stand Chairs Help Reduce Strain On Joints

Arthritis affects roughly 3.6 million Australians each year. If you have joint pain and swelling in troublesome areas such as your hip and knee joints, sit-to-stand chairs can help take some of the pressure and strain off of these joints. The bending movement from sitting to standing and vice versa puts weight and strain on these joints. These movements are made easier by recliner lift chairs.

3. Sit To Stand Chairs Can Help Your Circulation While Sitting

Even though you may consider sitting to be a passive activity, your body is nevertheless exerting effort while you are sitting. If you are dealing with health issues such as varicose veins, edema, stiffness or the possibility of blood clots, a recliner lift chair may be of assistance to you. Because they are ergonomically constructed for comfort, they not only support your back and spine, they also elevate your legs, which relieves pressure and promotes blood circulation. This elevation makes your legs feel lighter and allows you to relax.

4. Sit To Stand Chairs Help With Recovery From Strains And Accidents

If you are recovering from a strain, fall or even an operation, a sit-to-stand chair can be an invaluable part of your recovery. Even if you have been wearing a cast, brace or using walking devices to help with your mobility, you will be able to sit and stand with the ease of a sit to stand chair.

Recliner lift chairs can help you regain mobility, be independent and feel comfortable and relaxed. Talk to a friendly assistant to learn which sit to stand chair is best for you and your lifestyle.