Crucial Features to Look for in an Adjustable Bed for Seniors

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Although anybody can use an adjustable bed, they are commonly used by people with musculoskeletal issues or sleep-related problems. Seniors are an excellent candidate for adjustable beds since they tend to suffer from joint problems and other age-related sleeping problems such as apnea. That being said, choosing an adjustable bed for a senior loved one requires a careful approach because their needs vary significantly. This article highlights features you should focus on when buying an adjustable bed for a senior citizen.

Adjustable Height -- As your body ages, the range of motion in your joints reduces significantly due to tightening tendons and diminishing suppleness. Thus, it becomes difficult and painful to get in and out of bed in some cases. While a standard adjustable bed with endless head/foot positions can improve seniors' sleep quality, they still have to climb on and off the bed. Therefore, ensure that the adjustable bed you buy comes with a height-adjustable feature. It allows senior citizens to lower and raise the bed to the desired height. Besides, the feature should be easily accessible via a remote control.

Wall Hugging Technology -- Adjustable beds come with all manner of frames, each with a unique set of bells and whistles. A notable feature you should look for in a seniors' adjustable bed is wall-hugging technology. When you raise the frame of a traditional adjustable bed, your entire body moves forward. However, the body tends to creep further from the nightstand or whatever is next to a bed as you adjust the frame. This can be frustrating for senior citizens who want to reach for their glasses, book, or other items they left on a nightstand. Fortunately, an adjustable bed with wall-hugging technology allows the bed's frame to glide toward the wall, ensuring that senior citizens do not struggle when reaching for items on a bedside table.

Under-Bed LED Lighting -- For senior citizens, waking up in the middle of the night to use the restroom can be quite a chore. Since eyesight strength diminishes with age, adequate lighting is critical around the house to prevent accidents and injuries. However, manually turning on lights can be a problem for senior citizens since they must find the switch on a bedside table or a wall. You can make things easier for senior loved ones by buying adjustable beds that are equipped with underside LED lighting. Notably, the lights automatically turn on when someone steps on the floor, eliminating the need to find a switch and turn on the light manually.