Reasons to Opt For Teak Dining Tables

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If you love entertaining guests at your residence, then a dining table is of paramount importance. However, some homeowners may not put much thought in selecting this piece of furniture and end up purchasing the first one they come across. The best way of making a decision on what dining table would best suit your needs would be to weigh the various advantages different materials offer you. Here are some of the reasons why it would be best to opt for teak dining tables from a company like The Teak Place for your home.

They are attractive

The first thing to consider would be the aesthetic appeal that the dining table would bring to your residence. Since this type of furniture can be quite large, it is pertinent to ensure you are purchasing something that will enhance the overall décor of your home. Teak dining tables typically come in a rich golden brown tone, making it easy to blend with any type of interior design. In addition to this, the rich colour also makes it a great addition for alfresco dining if you would prefer to have it located in your garden or patio. Teak wood also has an exquisite texture to it, making it feel better to the touch when compared to other engineered wood options like particle board.

They are durable

Since teak dining tables are made from hardwood, they tend to last for a significantly long period of time with minimal maintenance. The hardwood is derived from deciduous trees, which are much stronger to their softwood counterparts like pine. This durability also makes them less susceptible to scuffmarks or scratches when moving the dining table around the home or relocating altogether. As such, you will find that teak tends to be a common material when in search of antique furniture as they are long lasting.

Resistant to pest infestations and decay

When purchasing wood dining tables, especially those that will be used outdoors, you would have to consider their susceptibility to infestations. Termites are a major cause of wood damage. Fungi and a range of other pathogens can also damage your wood. The good news is that teak naturally produces an oil that repels termites and a range of other infestations. In addition to this, this type of wood tends to have a high density. This means that it will neither rot nor decay as easily as other wood species. Not only does this ensure that your teak dining table will not suffer any undue damage, but this characteristic also increases its lifespan.