How to save money on kitchen renovations

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Kitchen renovations are often among the New Year's resolutions for many, but very few accomplish it. This is partly due to the high cost of kitchen renovations. A typical kitchen renovation will cost about 5–15% of the home's value. However, you can easily surpass the renovation costs if you intend to change all kitchen appliances.

Here are ways to reduce your renovation costs:

1.    Create a budget

A budget will help you understand how much funds you have and the areas to prioritise. Although you want your kitchen to look attractive, don't overspend on expensive appliances. Prioritise major replacements, and if funds remain, you can splurge on the other items.  

Once you've settled on a budget and design, stick to it. Don't make changes halfway through the renovation as it will increase your cost.

2.    Help with the renovation

Labour typically consumes 20–35% of the total renovation budget. If you decide to help out with the work, you'll save on some of the labour costs. You can save even more if you have the expertise to perform portions of the renovation.

For example, you can paint the walls, remove old cabinets or help with the disposal of the debris.

3.    Retain the cabinets

You don't have to replace everything in the kitchen. If the cabinets are functioning, you can repaint and keep them. Perform a few minor repairs, sand them down and paint the cabinets with a fresh colour. You can make a few changes, like switching the handles and knobs.

4.    Maintain your kitchen layout

Changing your entire layout will ramp up your renovation cost. However, you can control the budget by restricting the layout change to only a few elements. Don't change the location of the essential services such as plumbing systems and electrical services.

Retain your original layout like the plumbing system and gas line. The moment you decide to change the location of your sink, you'll have to account for the change of the plumbing system to fit your new layout. This is an additional cost that you can avoid.

5.    Embrace simplicity

While the idea of a complete overhaul of your kitchen sounds enticing, the cost is not favourable. The alternative is to ditch the expensive countertops, floors and appliances for something simple. Stick to your budget and replace only the worn-out parts. Upgrade a few areas, appliances and repaint the walls.

There are so many ways you can save on renovation costs, especially if you stick to only what you can afford. Prioritise your upgrades and shop for deals when buying appliances. Speak with a professional about kitchen renovations to learn more.