4 Tips for Selecting and Arranging Furniture in a Small Bedroom

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The selection and arrangement of bedroom furniture is essential because it not only enhances movement but also elevates the stylish appearance of these spaces. Furthermore, if you have a small bedroom, the arrangement of furniture can make a big difference in how the room feels; notably, the arrangement can cause the bedroom to appear cluttered or create an illusion of visual space. Here are some tips for selecting and arranging furniture in a small bedroom to reveal a beautiful setup.

Bed Placement -- A bed is one of the largest pieces of furniture in a bedroom, so it should be the focal point. Accentuating the focal point requires that you position the bed at the centre of the bedroom's most visible wall as observed from the doorway. Therefore, when you enter the bedroom, the bed should be at the centre of the wall that directly faces the door. Such an arrangement is ideal, especially for small bedrooms, because it creates enough space on either side of the bed for ease of access when making the bed. Also, you can place nightstands on each side without necessarily making the room appear chaotic. 

Sizing -- Consider the availability of space when choosing bedroom furniture to avoid having to squeeze stuff in small areas. For example, if you prefer a bigger bed, it is advisable that you go light on the headboard, which creates more visual space. Leave sturdy headboards for bigger bedrooms. However, if your small bedroom has a tall ceiling, you can always compromise by incorporating a heavier headboard. 

Storage -- Several things can be stored in a bedroom; thus, homeowners can have problems with storage, especially for smaller rooms. Therefore, consider buying taller dressers and extra shelves that can provide more storage space for basic stuff such as clothing, shoes, books and toys for kids. Furthermore, be creative with storage by stashing out-of-season clothing in under-bed storage rather than on shelves. Another alternative is to buy a storage bed, which is vital when you are running out of space to store pillows, shoes, clothes and extra bed linen. Such beds have box storage, drawers and cubbyholes either underneath or on the sides depending on the design. 

Work With What You Have First -- Interior designers recommend that you arrange bedroom furniture that you have first before embarking on a shopping spree for new pieces. By arranging the furniture first, you will know what you own and where to place it. Additionally, you will decide if what you intend to buy fits the bedroom style and dimension. In this sense, a proper arrangement can save you time and money in the long run.