4 Tips for Cleaning Your Barbecue Grill

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Grilling hamburgers, hot dogs, and vegetables on a grill is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors and have a delicious meal with your family. However, it is important that you clean and maintain your grill to get tasty food each time. Here are some tips for cleaning a barbecue grill.

Clean the Gas Grills

If you have a gas barbecue grill, you want to start by cleaning the grills. Make a habit of keeping the grill turned on for a few minutes after you finish using it, as any food debris stuck on the grills will soften, making it easier to remove them. When you are ready to clean the grills, all you need is soap and water. The grill should be removed when cleaning it so that you can efficiently scrub and rinse it clean. Use a scrubbing sponge on the grill, working at the different crevices to remove grease and food debris. When you are done with the grills, set them aside to dry and check the burners to see if any debris has fallen into them.

Clean Underneath the Hood

While it seems like most of the mess is on the grills themselves, you should also clean underneath the hood. This often gets debris, oil, and grease that splatters up when you are cooking with the hood closed. Take the same warm water and soap to clean underneath the hood. If the hood is attached to the grill and can't be removed for cleaning, protect the burners and grill with foil so the soap doesn't drop down on them while doing this. Scrub underneath the hood until you are sure no grease remains. When you do this, it is also a good idea to clean in the walls of the grill as well. Using a damp paper towel should be enough to get them clean.

Clean the Exterior

Your grill, whether it is gas or electric, also needs to be cleaned on the outside. While the outside of the grill might not affect the food you are grilling, the buildup can lead to rusting and deterioration of the material. If the exterior is stainless steel, be careful about the types of cleaning products you use, avoiding anything that contains ammonia. Most grills can be cleaned with simple dish detergent and water, along with a wire scrub brush. Make sure the outside is rinsed thoroughly and dried with a microfiber cloth.